Business Blueprint – $599

There are 10 sections to the Blueprint Course/Coaching. Below are the details

    • This industry is not easy and it will take more than closings for you to prosper. The Personal Blueprint will help you to lay the foundation needed to get in the right state of mind daily and eliminate the junk in your life holding you back from your true potential.
  • Financial BluePrint
    • In any line of business, finances are extremely important. In the Financial BluePrint you will become more aware of your finances and how to leverage them so you can always come from a position of strength. This section also includes several resources to help you track your money moving forward.
  • Business Structure BluePrint
    • Every successful business needs a plan. In the Business Structure BluePrint you will learn how to reverse engineer your career and figure out exactly what you need each day to reach your goals.
  • Networking BluePrint
    • Creating and maintaining a strong network is a key element to business growth. The Networking BluePrint will teach you how to develop, grow, and continuously maintain your Core 100 to create over 350 transactions over the next 5-7 years.
  • Open House BluePrint
    • This section will teach you the ins and outs of successful open houses. Learn everything from how many open houses you should be doing, how to get potential clients to them, what to do at the open house and how to follow up afterwards.
  • Lead Creation BluePrint
    • The only way to create a more predictable business is to have many streams of business and leads coming in from a lot of different places. In the Lead Creation BluePrint you’ll learn how to execute modern marketing strategies to generate more leads daily and always know where your business is coming from. This includes old school strategies like prospecting expired listings and for sale by owners and new school strategies like direct targeted marketing and social advertising.
  • Systems BluePrint
    • What exactly is a system? This section will delve deeper into the types of systems that you need and the reasons why you should be utilizing systems, as well as helping you to create your own.
  • Lead Conversion BluePrint
    • Creating leads without knowing how to convert them is nothing more than a waste of time. This section will give you the step by step strategies to follow and words to use to convert a higher percentage of the leads you have now learned how to create.
  • Listing Presentation BluePrint
    • You have landed the listing, now learn how to close. From the pre call to the follow-up, this section will walk you through the listing presentation from beginning to end to ensure that your signs end up in the front yard of more houses for sale.
  • Daily BluePrint
    • While all of the material taught throughout these sections is important, it is equally as important to not get overwhelmed and know what to do next. This section will help you to create a daily blueprint of what you should be doing everyday for the most success in your real estate business.


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