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Keynote Speaking

Not afraid to tell it like it is and always on the forefront of technology and business practices, Mathew Simmons is a thought-provoking business practitioner rooted in the notion of marketing in the here and now and focusing on one’s strength to ensure a successful path. Mat will leave you entertained, motivated and wanting more while providing you with details on how to implement new systems and technology into your day to day.


Breaking Into and Growing your Business in the Luxury Market

The luxury market is a unique segment of the real estate industry. One that can be very daunting and difficult to break into. In this session Mat will discuss different ways to break into the segment, what this type of client expects during the process and why this segment is misunderstood and under serviced leaving plenty of opportunity to increase your business through the luxury real estate market. Other parts of this session will include reviewing the luxury market statistics, trends, asset classes and more.

The Digital Revolution in RE and How to Capitalize on It

It’s no surprise that digital technology has come to the forefront of most industries including the real estate industry. The problem is, most do not know how and when to utilize this technology to make the process easier and making you as an agent more productive. In this session, Mat will discuss what digital technology is being utilized, how it’s being utilized, areas to focus on, specific platforms that are recommended and why as well as online lead generation to help agents grow their business and streamline their new business development to the point that it is automated for them daily. Platforms, ways to utilize the tech and budgets will be covered in this session along with market statistics, conversation rates and more.

Custom Topic

If you have a separate topic that you would like Mat to speak on related to sales, marketing, real estate or technology please feel free to use the form below to contact the team at Mathew Simmons to discuss.