Mathew Simmons

For the SERIOUS and SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur/Business/Sales Person ONLY!


Are you already established? Are you looking to maximize your business and really take it to the next level? Want to learn the high level positioning that attracts clients? Then look no further…


With this program you get Mat 1 on 1 for a year to help you take your business to a level you never thought was even possible. You will return 10x’s what you spend on this program in additional sales/revenue if not more!


This program will take an in-depth look at everything going on in your business starting at the very beginning including;


  • Address your business from a consultant standpoint to highlight any issues that may be holding you back
  • Eliminate any issues holding you up
  • Create processes to streamline things
  • Create goals and growth plans to reach your goals
  • Train you in in-person, online and phone sales
  • Social Media Marketing & Sales


This is a 10 week program for the person that wants to be unstoppable and wakes up each day doing WHATEVER it takes to feel good, BE confident and take BOLD and BRAVE action. Is this you? Prove it!


Week 1 – Business Consult – We are going to dive into every little detail of your business and its operations to learn exactly where you are being held up, problems you are having and where they stem from. This is an in-depth review of not only your business, but you as well. A lot of issues stem from the owner directly so those need to be addressed!


Week 2 – Addressing your business issues and your current mindset to allow you to free up what you need to so you can move forward. We will address how to be BRAVE enough to impact the world. Have the faith when it seems like it’s not going to work. Once we have set up that mindset, then we take the action.


Week 3 – Success habits & Create Processes. This is very IMPORTANT. Not only are we going to create successful habits and processes but we are going to address your mindset as well. A mindset of success and power. Without this mindset there is no point in going any further. You need to have daily habits that set you up for success every single day!


Week 4 – The Law of Attraction – How to speak to your clients in a way that lights them up and gets their attention. How to sell in a way that feels good.


Week 5 – Blasting through objections – We will teach you how to handle objections and use those in your marketing and sales pitch to help your potential clients. You will learn to overcome your fear and then help them overcome theirs!


Week 6 – Setting Goals – Without goals, there is not end point to reach for. We will set goals and then create a plan to reach those goals now that we have your processes and mind set correct


Week 7 – Sales Training – In almost every business, no matter what type, SALES is present. What if I told you that 90% of business people don’t even know the 6 steps to the sales process? In this step we will dive into the sales process and learn both basic and advanced selling techniques. This is VITAL to consistent growth!


Week 8 – Branching Out – Here we will learn how to branch out your sales arm into social media and why it’s the best and most cost efficient way of growing sales today!


Week 9 – Expansion – Everyone wants to expand, otherwise you wouldn’t have hired Mat in the first place. Here we will take a detailed look into the best ways to expand your business and which avenues to take. It’s about having that “Take Over the World” mindset with all that you do!


Week 10 – Finally be in control – After all of this is done during this week we will review everything that we have done the prior 9 weeks and assess if you are finally in the spot of BEING IN CONTROL of your business and future. I guarantee by the end of this, you will be or your $ back! That’s my promise to you!


Are you ready to commit to a new level that you never thought possible? Let’s get started TODAY!


BONUS: $5000 Value


On top of everything mentioned above you will continue to get one 30 minute video coaching call a week for the remainder of the year with Mat to make sure that you stay on track and continue to work towards your goals.