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For those in the early stages of Entrepreneurship

Do you suffer from lack of sales, inconsistent revenue, if you have a great product and you can’t seem to sell… or you know you need to expand your offerings… then this is for you… keep reading…

This is the program I wish I had when I started my very first business. Now YOU can tap into our knowledge and network of experts, as we hang out in our new business mentorship program and grow your business, income and happiness.


What most people do when facing low revenue or no sales is either give up, they try all the wrong things out of desperation including the “quick fix” or never get anything new accomplished because they are focusing on the wrong spots.  They just don’t know what to do next. They try all the shiny new tools, waste $ on the wrong marketing campaigns, try new branding and on and on. But for most people, none of those work…

  • They don’t really understand their customers
  • They don’t really know what their customers want
  • They don’t know how to provide and show value
  • They don’t know how to build a sales funnel
  • They are overwhelmed by all the different options out there with no clear path
  • And most people can’t afford to hire a professional to consult with or set this all up for them (up to 200K sometimes)

And what happens if you do absolutely NOTHING? If you keep doing the same thing over and over? Nothing! You continue to have a hobby that you are paying $ into instead of a business that is paying you what you’re worth. Worse yet, when people ask, you say that you’re just so busy and don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done yet you are focused on the wrong things. Does that sound familiar???


I have created EXACTLY what I wish existed when I was getting started!

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: I have so many people that want one on one business coaching and ask me how to grow their small and traditional business, into something they can be proud of, so they can live truly amazing lives.


The problem is, most people cannot afford the high fees I have to charge for one on one coaching, and if I am being honest, I enjoy the group setting much better.

Then the idea struck me… what if I worked with a small, dedicated and exclusive group of people, for 6 months… and I helped them in ALL areas of their business; their product development and offerings, landing pages, websites, funnels, social media, lead generation and so on?

What if I could help create all the things that go into truly growing a business in this day… and made it an amazing experience?

And what if they had an inner circle of amazing, supportive people to turn to for help and mentorship? What if they started seeing results in their business in as little as 30 days and continued to see exponential growth month after month, all with clarity and a plan to execute. And what if it was all affordable only requiring an investment a fraction of what my normal fees are?

Well, that’s exactly what we have done and created with our Rapid Rewards Mastermind!

Finally, It's Your Turn...

When you make the SMART DECISION & JOIN the Rapid Reward Mastermind, you’ll join me personally, with a small group of others, and TOGETHER WE WILL…

Help you GAIN THE CLARITY you need around what you’re offering

Help you DESIGN & CREATE your products and services

Show you how to create your opt-in lead magnet and BUILD YOUR LIST

Maximize your time spent on your business

Show you how to grow and monetize your audience

We will… in other words…
Completely REIMAGINE  & STRUCTURE your entire business in order to sell your products an services while INCREASING YOUR INCOME in just a handful of months!

That’s right – this is a program, that if offered to you on a one on one basis, would cost a minimum of 30,000… but it’s yours for a fraction of the amount.

Here’s What’s Included When You Join…

6 months of membership – 6 months of coaching, guidance, support and will drastically transform your business.

TWO – YES, TWO 3 Day LIVE EVENT WORKSHOPS – Yes, we’re serious, you get TWO live events to meet your fellow mastermind partners in person and learn from AMAZING speakers and trainers LIVE, ultimately setting you up for even more success

24 ZOOM ONLINE LIVE GROUP TRAINING CALLS – 24, yes you read that right, 24 LIVE online ZOOM meetings during the months we don’t meet in person with new speakers and Q&A time in order to connect with your community and learn from amazing trainers who are the best in their fields. This is YOUR tine to ask questions and get answers from us and your community.

Bonus 6 months of access to the exclusive online university – Learn even more, from the comfort of your home! Access an extensive library of trainings, courses and videos from Mat and his partners for you to learn even more outside of the mastermind.

  • How to monetize your ideas
  • How to show value to make selling easy
  • Email list building
  • Social Media Growth Hacks
  • How to Property Scale Up
  • Facebook, Instagram & Online Marketing
  • Lead Generation & Conversion
  • Money & Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Funnel Creation
  • Business Structuring & Cashflow
  • Goal Setting & Annual Planning & strategy
  • And more…
It all comes as part of the five-month Rapid Reward Mastermind program and TWO 3-Day Live Event Workshops, all for a single investment of just $5,800 or choose our financing option at only $575 a month with a $2,950 down payment to make it even easier! Think of all the time you’ll save having a clear path to exponentially grow your business in just a handful of months! *Please note, this for businesses making up to $450k gross per year. If you are above that, please see our Advanced Mastermind coming soon!

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$ 100
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$ 1000
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