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Wouldn’t you like to close more sales, generate more commission, higher income,
more freedom and abundance in your life? Who wouldn’t right?

Well congratulations then, because just by visiting this page, you’ve already taken the first step towards a better business and sales career and better financial position.

Do you ever feel, for as hard as you work, and as much as you “know”, that your closing  %  and sales should be higher? And you just can’t figure out why it’s not? You’re not alone, many feel that way, including myself at some points in my career.

If you feel like I did, then read on…

But first, let me tell you a story that I’m guessing you will see yourself in at some point.

I used to struggle with a consistent sales approach and closing ratio. One week I would close a handful of sales, the next I found myself struggling to close even on. “Why is this happening?”, but then wouldn’t think too much of it and just “work harder” to try to close more sales thinking I could “outwork” the problem.

But I couldn’t…

Just like you can’t out-work a bad diet, I couldn’t out-work the problem of me not focusing on the sales process and learning each and every step..

I had a poor mindset around it all and thought I knew it all and would be able to eventually get things right.

It got to the point where I just couldn’t close anything at all! Ever get to that point? Where you just try so hard that nothing ends up working because you are focusing on the wrong thing? Yep, I was there.

This is when I decided to INVEST in myself and actually learn each step to the sales process and switched my mindset from one of persuasion to one of creating AND showing value to my prospects.

If you’re like most salespeople or business people, I bet you can relate to some of this, if not the whole frustrating story.

And if you’re like many of the people I coach, you have the best intentions with your sales process but honestly, you haven’t really tried to actually learn the sales process at all recently.

Listen, it’s not your fault! You haven’t been taught how to actually sell properly! 

Most sales people are just thrown into the mix and told to learn on their own and we never actually take the initiative to hire a coach or buy any courses, we learn by trial and error. 

Which is the hard and expensive way to learn.

Here’s the problem, if you’ve ever said things like this…


  • It's not my fault, they aren't a serious buyer
  • I just can't get them to say yes
  • I'll just be happy if I can close X more deals
  • These leads are just junk
  • I just need one more deal to get by for the week

You are most likely then struggling with the same issues I did in my story, or with the same issues that millions of other sales people do who are in business or sales. How much longer will you continue to do what you have been doing without it working for you? Don’t worry, I’m confident I have the solution for you.

THE SALES PRINCIPLES is a system that will shift your negative, damaging mindset about sales into positive, SALES CLOSING MINDSET and give you the steps and habits to make BIG moves and to ensure you’re set up for growth!

In fact, if you start NOW, you could have those damaging thoughts in your mind replaced with SALES CLOSING THOUGHTS by next week!

Imagine how your life will look once you have an unbreakable sales success mindset combined with additional INCOME habits!

 Picture what it would look like for you to be…
  • Closing a consistent # of sales every week
  • Consistently growing your sales every week vs. beating your head to just make one sale
  • Being able to not live week to week
  • Understanding each and every step to the sales process
  • Know the exact objection handler to use in every situation
  • and more…
How would it FEEL…
  • Having peace of mind knowing you have a repeatable and consistent sales process
  • Knowing exactly what stage you are in with every single prospect
  • Being in the position to help others… if needed
  • Consistently grow your business and lead sales because of your repeatable process

And once you enroll and go through The Sales Principles, you’ll see that it is ALL, ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE, for YOU.

What I left out of my story is now, after 10+ years of studying, learning and working with sales people, I have built up 5 other successful businesses that all require HIGH LEVEL sales skills to be successful. I work with and train other sales people and entrepreneurs on their business efforts and sales skills along with mindset and am an active investor in multiple other high net worth businesses.

I only share this part of my story to let you know that YES… you CAN turn it around and YES, you are able to live the ABUNDANT life of your dreams!

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Lessons and Topics You'll Learn About Include...

  • Intro to the sales process
  • Why sales is so important
  • The Law of Income & Impact
  • Setting Goals
  • Prospecting
  • Making initial contact & methods
  • Identifying needs
  • Selection/Demo/Offer Presentation
  • Proposal
  • Closing/Asking for the Sale
  • Closing techniques
  • The 5 NO's
  • Why you're losing the sale
  • What are the best methods to contact
  • What are touch points
  • Follow up techniques
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Developing routines
  • Budgeting for leads and growth
  • CRM's
  • Lead Sources
  • Analyzing goals on the fly
  • Ways to make sure you hit your goals
  • And Lots More...

You’ll learn all the above and more when you enroll in The Sales Principles. Allow me to guide you through the 6 Modules via a multiple video lessons and coursework that includes exercises to keep you engaged and learning along the way.

I’ve seen similar courses with less content selling for TWO, THREE or FOUR THOUSAND Dollars but I truly believe that everyone should be able to take these types of courses so that they can learn the secrets that the most successful salespeople have learned a long time ago at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE


Here’s the best part, you are 100% safe to try this course out and see if it’s for you. Enroll today, start going through the course, and watch how your mindset and relationship with money to shifts! When it does, and you start seeing a shift in your money, you’ll be so freakin’ happy to have finally found something that works for you – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.  If within 30 DAYS of purchase, for some reason your thoughts, mindset, perspective, and finances don’t begin to shift, we will refund 100% of your investment and you’ll simply be removed from the course.  We’ll still be friends. But we’re putting our money where our mouth is! And by the way, we have NEVER had anyone ask for this.

It's Decision Time...

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My Mission

My name is Mat Simmons, and I believe that Sales is the one skill in this world that is used every single day by everyone whether you realize it or not! I also believe that most people who specialize in sales do not fully understand the sales process the best that they could. Which in turn keeps them from achieving their true potential.

We live in a time where information is so handy at the click of a button yet people still do not invest in themselves to learn the skills they need! We also live in one of the most exciting times, where there has never been so much opportunity for entrepreneurs and sales people and it is easier than ever to turn yourself into a success story!

As a successful entrepreneur myself, owner of 6 different businesses and an investor in numerous others, I know the importance of knowing and understanding the sales process in today’s business world. My goal is to help as many others become as successful as possible which will help them live a life they never thought imaginable.

As the saying goes, catch a man a fish, he eats for the day, show a man how to fish, he eats for life. I want to show you how to fish!